Under 10 Division Rules

  1. In this division, players continue to transition to a regulation game. Games will continue to be 8 v. 8 but the field will be larger. FIFA rules will be enforced. Obvious offsides will be called. Keep in mind, however, that there is only one center referee so calls will be missed. At no time should a coach challenge or yell at a referee for missing a call or making a bad call. Teach your players that bad calls or non-calls are part of the game and address any issues with the Director of Coaching after your game. If a referee is the subject of numerous complaints, the league can address that by requiring additional education or instruction. If all you do is yell at a referee, the league will never know there is a problem.
  2. At this level of play, referees will typically not allow a throw in to be retaken but will instead award the ball to the other team if a player executes an improper throw in.
    Players are encouraged to learn all positions but coaches have greater discretion to assign a particular position to a player to better suit the team. More emphasis is placed on what is best for the team. All players however should play at least 75% of the game even if they don’t get to play the position of their choice. Coaches should articulate to players and families at the beginning of the season what their policy is regarding playing positions.
  3. Scores are kept but standings are not maintained.