PYSL, Inc. Mission Statement

Pacific Youth Soccer League is a non-profit organization dedicated to the positive development of Mission Bay Community’s youth through their participation in a safe, healthy, and affordable soccer program that is fun and rewarding for all.

PYSL’s objectives are to teach and train soccer players and coaches, develop leadership qualities and promote good sportsmanship among players, coaches, parents and spectators.

PYSL will provide children with the opportunity to participate in a soccer experience where they can develop positive self-esteem and build character by learning the virtues of hard work, fair play, respect, honesty, self-control, teamwork and sportsmanship.

To achieve these goals, PYSL will endeavor to select dedicated leaders and certify qualified coaches who share these ideals and recognize that each child is valuable and that the game is for and about the kids.

Cal South Codes of Conduct for Coaches, Players and Parents CalSouth_Codes_of_Conduct