To Pacific Youth Soccer League and Clubs,

We can get our kids back on the fields soon if we all work together!

I’m sure you all may have seen or heard about the recent WhitePaper study’s from several of the clubs in Presidio released last week. It turns out this is the first primary study on youth sports during COVID and it has generated a lot of interest from the media, politicians and youth sports organizations around the country. The San Diego Union Tribune ran the article on Saturday, the LA Times picked it up on Sunday and this week the study will be presented on several radio and tv programs. Further, the ECNL released its own compelling data on the harmful impact of kids not playing youth sports and that study is also gaining national attention. We have an opportunity to capture this momentum, expand this study throughout California, and provide youth specific data to the Governor and decision makers throughout the State. We’re asking the entire youth soccer community of Southern California to rally together to get our kids back on the fields. In order to elevate the message, a Kids 1st Campaign has been created. The goal of Kids 1st Campaign is to prioritize the mental and physical health of our kids as we battle through COVID. Kids 1st Campaign will focus on collecting more data on the safety of outdoor sports, driving awareness of the facts and creating multiple pilot programs throughout California to generate a road map for the safe return to the sports we love. Though Surf Cup Sports has initiated this campaign; it is a non-club branded important initiative and we need all to support and do our part.

We need 2 items from each club to make this a success:

1. Sign the Kids 1st Petition – The goal is 300,000 signatures by the end of August. Surf Cup Sports will contribute $1 for every official petition supporter up to 10,000. All funds will be used to enhance research on youth soccer safety during COVID. We need every family in your club to support this.

2. Post on Social Media about the Kids 1st Campaign, to share visit

After months of stagnation, we finally have momentum and City, County and State leaders are starting to listen. We are all connected to this cause and we have a strong case. Let’s unite and give our kids a voice!