PYSL needs your help preserving our McEvoy Youth Fields

Hello PYSL Parents and Supporters,

I’m reaching out today to ask your help with a very important matter. As you may know, San Diego is planning to redevelop the De Anza area on the north east end of Mission Bay. The impacted area includes the McEvoy Youth Fields, which are the headquarters for multiple Mission Bay Youth Sports leagues, including the Pacific Youth Soccer League (PYSL). There is no guarantee that these fields will be preserved for our youth use, and there’s a very real prospect that we may lose them in this revitalization effort.

The impact of that would be significant. At present there are almost 2000 local youth players using those fields year round in three different community leagues. We have been extremely efficient in using that space, supporting three baseball fields, one softball field and six soccer fields in that small complex. We are at capacity now, and cannot afford to have those fields removed or the footprint reduced. Either would result in the downsizing, or outright elimination of PYSL and the Mission Bay baseball and softball leagues, and all of our youth here in the community would lose the opportunity to participate in affordable local non-profit youth sports leagues.

PYSL is advocating on your behalf that they be preserved, and enhanced if possible, but we need your help in that effort. There are two things we need your help with, and both need to be done in the next week or two.

1.) The first is to reach out to members of the planning committee, and city council, to make sure they know that those fields are vitally important to you and your children. I’ve attached a one page letter with a list of people you could send that letter to. If you would, please either edit that that letter to address it to the people on the list, or write a similar one of your own, sign it and send it to the people listed. Emailing these people would be helpful as well.

2.) The second item is to come to the next De Anza Revitalization workshop and voice your support. That workshop will be looking for feedback from the audience on different design concepts. Please come, and provide your feedback. If you believe those youth fields are important, please let them know that. Ask that they not only be preserved, but not be downsized. Make sure that their redesign plans have the youth fields included. Press for improvements such as additional lighting on those fields, so we can support more practices with evening sessions, and have better security in the evening hours. That workshop is Monday November 7, 6 -8:30 pm at Mission Bay High School.

PYSL has been serving this community by providing an outstanding non-profit youth soccer league for over 40 years. Our players have gone on to be valuable student leaders at local schools and many of them have returned here as professionals and even now serve their community as adults. We would dearly like to continue to serve you, and aid in the development of strong character in our youth for the decades to come. We need your help to be able to do so, and your assistance here is much appreciated. Please take the time to send this letter, and take Monday evening to attend this workshop. It’s a small effort that will have lasting effect for decades, and our local youth will be grateful you did. Please also forward this message to other supporters of the league – including those with players who played in PYSL in the past, or those who have young children that hope to one day be able to play for PYSL.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself, or Jenny Goodman, PYSL’s DeAnza Revitalization Committee chair, at Thanks so much for your support.


Eli Kerch
PYSL President

Sample letter (PDF | Word)
Letter mailing list (PDF)