Registration Overview

For all questions or inquiries please Contact our Registrar here.

Fall 2021 Season Registration

Applications after 05/22/21 will only be accepted if there is space available. Please contact the registrar to determine if space is available before registering a player.

After 05/22/2021 Include your player’s gender and birthday (not age), and if they are a new or returning player in your email. Include a phone number in your email.

Fall 2021 Season Registration Instructions

(after 05/22/2021 you must contact the registrar to sign up)

Be sure to read the directions below BEFORE you begin!

The Affinity Software program works best with a laptop or desktop computer and windows explorer. If you use a tablet or a cell phone and have problems please try to use a computer before contacting us. You will need a printer to complete registration requirements.

Before registering for a fall team you will need the following:


DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT FOR YOUR PLAYER IF THEY HAVE EVER PLAYED BEFORE. Duplicate records create issues when registering.

  • Your login is linked to your family account through Calsouth. Any player that has ever played soccer for a Calsouth team (i.e. – PYSL, La Jolla Impact, Albion, etc.) has a family account already that was created on the back end by themselves or a registrar. All players from a family should be registered in this account.
  • If you are certain you do not have a record because your player or any player in your family has never played in a Calsouth league, proceed with starting a new login.
  • If you are a returning family and do not know your login, please get your password by clicking the “forgot username/password” button. You just need to be sure to use your email address that you used when you previously registered through any Calsouth league.

If you received email from the league about registration, that is the primary email address on your account and is the one that will be able to generate your password reset.

  • You can also email Patti Ghio at to reset your password. Please include the player’s name, birthday and your contact phone.


You will not be able to complete the application if you do not have a copy of the birth certificate and a current picture ready to upload to the application if you are new to the online process of registration. Pictures are removed from player records periodically, so even if you previously put one there you may need a new picture. Birth Certificates are normally not removed.

You must follow the rules on the picture upload. Think Driver’s license style….

No hats, headbands or hoodies

No sunglasses

No friends, family or furry creatures

Full face Shot, light exposure, in focus, no shadows on face

Use your phone to take a current picture with a light background with good exposure. This does not need to be a professional shot, just a good clear image of your child’s face.


  • $175 for players born in 2014 through July 2017. Players born after July 31st, 2017 are not old enough for our fall program.
  • $185 for players born 2008 through 2013.
  • For our refund policy see the “League Information” section under the “About” tab on our home page.


  • Service fees to use a Discover, Mastercard or Visa are 2.9% of the total fee & all will incur a $3 service fee. The fee for using an e-check will vary based on the bank used but is typically around $8.00 per transaction.
  • These service fees are Non-refundable.


The league and Calsouth require hard copies of your signature. You must print the receipt and two copies of the player’s application. Sign both copies of the player’s application and mail both copies to: Patti Ghio, PYSL Registrar/ 1345 Tourmaline Street, San Diego, CA, 92109. You can also drop off on May 15th at our in person registration.


  1. Scroll to bottom of page and click on the ‘click here to begin registration button’
  2. Click the tab on the upper right side of the home page that says registration
  3. Log in with your Calsouth username/password
  4. Click the green ‘continue’ button on the family registration page and click blue ‘register as player’ button on the next screen (create registration screen).
  5. Click on the drop down arrows for ‘required photo/birth cert’ and click to upload or click through if previously loaded.
  6. Choose file to upload into each (If you have any trouble with the upload, try another browser.)
  7. Click to accept all information and waivers. Click green ‘Agree & Continue’ button.
  8. Choose payment method, and make your payment.
  9. Click the blue ‘Print Receipts & Forms’ button and print required copies of your player application and receipt for each player as you finish them or you will have to login again (instructions below) to get all the forms.

We are an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax ID #33-0907580

Click here to BEGIN registration

Please contact the Registrar for more info.



Log in at with your Calsouth login. If you do not know your login email to reset it for you. DO NOT CREATE A DUPLICATE RECORD.

To Make a Payment

  • Select the View/Edit payment link on the correct player profile
  • Follow the instructions to make a payment

If you have a promo code be sure to enter it before you enter payment information

To Sign Waivers

  • Select the View Details link on the correct player profile
  • Select the application tab in the middle of the page
  • Select the link Legal Agreements on the right
  • Read and sign each waiver

To print documents

  • Select the View Documents link on the correct player profile
  • Follow the instructions to print documents

To upload pictures

Each player in your family record and each parent who is a Calsouth Administrator, i.e. coach, manager, assistant coach needs a picture on their profile.

Click on appropriate family member and download a current picture of the person.

  • Pictures must be current
  • Light exposure – pictures are printed on a small card and dark exposures will not show features.
  • No other people in the picture
  • Front facing head shot – Think Driver’s license style
  • No Hats
  • No Sunglasses
  • No headbands
  • No shadows on face
  • Pictures not meeting the above criteria will be removed and a new picture will need to downloaded.
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